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Kiko’s bravery in the face of such adversity was a real inspiration for all the delegates at the Summit. 

— Pinky Lilani, Women of the Future Summit

I love to talk..

And people tell me I'm pretty good at it. I've got stories to tell - from the big things like what you do when a 30ft wave is about hit your tiny boat to the more humbling things, like how you thwart your parents' punishment by making sleeping in the downstairs loo a cosy experience. Someone once suggested I become a stand up comic, while people tell me they walk away from my talks feeling inspired. I'm happy when people are laughing but if one person does something personally challenging for them as a result of something I've said, I've done my job.

Things I'm really good at talking about:

  • Benefits of challenge
  • The power of collaboration and community
  • Developing resilience
  • Kikonomics (I can *definitely* explain)

But if there's an aspect of my experience you think would really resonate with your audience we can definitely work together to make sure that's covered.

Places I've talked:

  • Schools and colleges
  • Corporate health workshops
  • Start-up founders events
  • Changemaker summits
  • Festivals

and in case you're not convinced yet...

nice things people have said

"Kiko - well you don't forget her! Direct, honest, ballsy, relatable, human"

- Emma Watkins, Agora Founders Club


"It was a fabulous evening and the feedback we had afterwards was incredible. Everyone loved what Kiko had to say and couldn’t say enough how inspiring the talk was"

- Joyce Guiness Recruitment Company

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"It's incredible someone so down to earth has shown such resilience and achieved so much, showing anything is possible. She's an inspiration - her words of wisdom are an experience not to be missed!"

- Rathbones